Why Trust Is The Key To Living A Life Of Happiness & Success

Trust is an innate feeling and distinctly human experience. Trust comes from surrounding ourselves with people who believe in what we believe in, which allows us to create a nurturing environment for our personal growth and therefore our quality of life.

When we surround ourselves with people who share common values, beliefs and interests, we trust that these people understand us on a more intimate level. This level of understanding allows us to feel comfortable enough to take risks, to experiment more, and to ultimately create a life that we find incredibly fulfilling.

This sense of growing confidence is what enables us to really go after that which excites us most in life, without the fear of being ridiculed. As human beings we fear judgement, rejection, and being misunderstood. This restricting sense of fear becomes a toxic cycle of self-doubt and a lack of confidence, which only keeps us stuck in a life of perpetuating unhappiness and fear.

It takes a certain courage to be authentic, and to simply be who we are. That’s why it is so incredibly beneficial to be selective of who we invest our time with in relationships,  friendships, and who we choose to work with and confide in.

But trust isn’t just the feeling we share with other human beings. It’s also the feeling that we have with ourselves and the universe. It’s learning to trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be, regardless of your situation that’s most difficult, yet most rewarding. It requires a level of self-belief and will power that many of us struggle with.

Our journey in life is exactly that, a journey. There are obstacles placed in our paths for very good reason, and we often don’t find out what those reasons are until much later in life. But when you look back on those dark times, those curve balls that life threw your way, you probably wouldn’t take back any of them. This is because you learnt something from them, and they helped shape the person that you are today.

But it’s much easier to place that trust in yourself in reverse, when you can see why it all happened the way it did. The challenge comes when you teach yourself to place trust in the here and now.

Remind yourself that this is all part of your life path. That you deserve whatever it is in life that you want to create for yourself, and trust that it’s coming your way. Because without that trust you spiral into a dark pit of obsessive fear, control and discomfort that neither benefits nor changes your situation.

Trust a little… and see the magic that awakens when you let go of fear-based control.


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