Why Freedom Is The New Form Of Wealth

When I think back to my earliest memories of how I wanted my life to be, I always envisioned freedom. The freedom to do work that I loved. The freedom to be able to choose where and when I worked, and to build a life and a career that worked for me.

Call me crazy, call me delusional but I feel that deep down this is the way it feels for everyone. We’re built for personal growth, for feeling like we’re providing something invaluable to the world around us in return for a sense of passion and fulfilment. But somewhere along our path, it tends to get lost, covered and overwhelmed by a need for security… any security. The quickest route to short term security? The corporate world. The quickest route to a sense of loss of self? The corporate world.

1. Freedom allows you  a sense of ultimate fulfilment 

The path to creative and financial freedom is never easy, hence why so many people stumble at the first few hurdles and quit. It’s a path that requires determination, unwavering self-belief and hard work. That’s why when you go your own way it’s so much more rewarding knowing that you’re living a life on your own terms, and work never seems to really feel like work because your in congruence with your soul’s needs and desires. So get clear on what it is that’s going to provide you with that level of fulfilment. Where do your strengths lie? How could you use those strengths to your best advantage? How could you create a career around them that wouldn’t even feel like a career, but more like sharing a talent that you get paid for?

2. Freedom provides you with the life-work balance we all crave

Our ultimate goal in life is to be providing value and excitement at work and in our personal lives. Something that is notoriously difficult when chained by the needs of massive corporate companies who mostly view their employees as a way of means, rather than as individuals who are all striving for the same level of passion in life. When building a career that works for you and your needs, as well as those of your family, you allow yourself the freedom to excel in all areas of life.

Life really is a balancing act that requires time and configuration to determine how it needs to be balanced for you. It’s also the same time that’s taken away from you when in a demanding nine-five job six/seven days a week. So when do you have the time to learn how to create that balance? You normally don’t until you quit or simply burn out. Both options that are completely avoided when creating a lifestyle that supports you instead of breaking you down.

3. Our economy is ever-changing and more aligned with independent work

Now I’m not saying that all corporate jobs never lead to a sense of fulfilment, because for some people they do. I’m saying that the way in which our economy is going, and the way in which our lifestyles and needs are changing, independence at work is the new 9-5. No longer are we required to work crazy hours for massive brands who don’t always pay well, who take away from our precious time with our loved ones and provide us with unnecessary amounts of stress. Instead, we each have the opportunity to build a life that we love, if only we believe that we are capable of such and that we deserve it.

But with freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility to remain disciplined and on track, and most importantly the dedication to yourself and all that you deserve to achieve in your precious lifetime. So go and get out there, put yourself first, and start taking the crucial steps towards building a life that’s got ‘you’ written all over it!

For more help on this area, feel free to contact me for your own consultation and together we can help determine your path together.

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