The One Documentary You Need To Watch This Weekend!

The term climate change has been around for a while with various levels of awareness of its’ existence and impact. As human beings, we find it hard to understand and take action against something that isn’t glaringly obvious in our daily lives. This is something I’ve learnt about myself and others after watching ‘Before The Flood‘.

You’ve probably seen the hype around it recently as it was released earlier this month, and contains the ever so handsome Leonardo DiCaprio. The documentary takes a look into the very real and very serious impacts that C02 emissions are having on our environment, and spurs you to take small lifestyle changes to help stop the detrimental affects of our bad , fossil fuel-addicted habits.

One of the most hard hitting truths for me, was the power that political figures, and multimillionaire companies, who benefit from fossil fuel consumption, have over the crucial facts & information that we receive via the media. That we are in fact made to believe that climate change is a hoax purely because it would affect their pocket. Or how dietary changes like making the switch between beef to chicken could cut down Co2 emissions by almost 80%.

“I’ve been incredibly moved by so many climate change documentaries in the past, but I never felt that I saw one that articulated the science clearly to the public,” said Leonardo DiCaprio before a screening in London. “I think people grasp it, but it seems something distant, far off, intangible and almost otherworldly. An individual doesn’t feel like they can make an impact.” Each of us has the ability to make small changes in our daily lifestyle habits that can help lessen the impact, and hopefully slow down climate change before it becomes irreversible.

So before you click on the latest episode of your new favourite series, take 90minutes out of your day to educate yourself on why we can adapt our lifestyles to save the beautiful, complex planet that we are fortunate enough to live in.


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