The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do For Yourself & Others

This week’s article is slightly different to some of my others and something a little more personal. But when I came across this photo, I felt I really needed to use it as a springboard for something I hope will resonate with all my beautiful readers.


Each and every one of us is a little bit broken inside. But I feel that if allowed, those painful parts of us which we hate to acknowledge and look at, can be some of our most powerful tools to help ourselves and others. And nothing brings us more pure joy, and satisfaction then being able to help and show love to those who need it most.

Something incredible happened to me this past weekend, and for once I allowed myself to be on the receiving end of help. I allowed those who I care for the most and who care for me equally as much, take the reigns and help me heal. And in doing so, I think we were all able to take some healing from it. As human beings, we’re put on this earth to love and be loved and it’s often those tough, dark moments that enable us to show compassion towards others, because we understand what it’s like to feel broken.

As someone who has been through their fair share of trauma (as most of us have) I find it particularly rewarding to be the shoulder that someone needs to lean on through dark times. However, I struggle to allow myself to be on the other end of the equation, and to be the one that’s helped. This experience last weekend showed me the beauty of such vulnerable moments and how they can be incredibly powerful healing processes for all involved. It also reminded me that pretending to be strong all the time doesn’t lead to less pain. Allowing yourself to feel emotions, accepting that you’re not always ok, is what will truly lead to a healthier, stronger you.

Unfortunately, due to societal pressure, we are taught that showing emotions is a weakness. That’s why there’s a certain strength that comes from being vulnerable. I urge you to take those tough times that you’ve been through, those times you’ve felt completely overwhelmed and helpless, and use them to be the helping hand that someone else in your life might need. Love is the most powerful emotion we are all given in this lifetime, and there’s a reason why we’re born with unlimited amounts of it…

Take time to heal others, and in doing so small parts of yourself will heal too.





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