My Guide on 3 Healthy Snacks To Help Power You Through Your Day

Feeding our body lots of good stuff, and more often, is the key to a well-balanced, well-functioning lifestyle. I hate the word ‘diet’ and stay clear of it all times. Healthy living isn’t something we do for a little bit and then suddenly we’re done for the next couple of months, until we pick it up again. It’s a way of looking after ourselves and our bodies. I like to look at it as an investment and a gift you can give yourself.

Because I try and workout at least 4 times a week (purely because it makes me feel better, more energized), my metabolism is quite high and therefore I find myself needing to eat throughout the day (you don’t want to see me ‘hungry’ aka. hungry & angry). If I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, planning content, meetings, running errands etc. I need to make sure I have lots of yummy, energy-infused snacks with me.

Here are three of my all-time favourite snacks:

1) Boiled eggs, hummus and cucumbers

People often underestimate how much protein our body requires even at at a minimum level. To work out how much protein you need, take your body weight in kgs and X1.5 for women and x2 for men. That’s on average how much you need to consume of protein a day… and that’s not for a body building regime, that’s just to keep your body functioning at a really balanced, and healthy level. Both boiled eggs & hummus are really good sources of complete protein and hummus also contains fibre. The chickpeas used in hummus are high in iron, folate, phosphorus, and B vitamins too. The cucumber will give you some much needed anti-oxidants and are very low in calories (about one cup is 17 calories).  This is one powerful mixture you’ll have on repeat.


I love this idea above by @mindovermunch of using mason jars to take this snack on the go!

2) Apple slices & peanut butter

For something to fill that sweeter craving this is one of my favourites. Slice up some apples (green or red) and dip in some crunchy, sugar-free peanut butter. My favourite brand is Whole Earth Crunchy Peanut Butter. Apples contain incredible anti-oxidants and dietary fibres to aid with digestion and preventing cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. The peanut butter contains protein as well potassium, which lowers the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. You could even show on some strawberries & honey for something slightly different & sweeter 😉


HOW cute are these apple sandwiches… You can forgoe the really cute star cut-out to save time, but love the idea of turning it into sandwiches instead of dipping. Easier to pack!

3) My Herbalife protein shake

And last but by no means least, my Herbalife protein shake. It has helped me to become super fit, lean and maintain my body goals. And I love the products so much that I became a distributor for them (you can’t buy them from stores, as each distributor is trained to be able to help you reach your body goals instead of just selling you a product over the counter and never seeing you again). I have been using the Herbalife products for over 4 years now when my mum first introduced me to close family friends of ours who were distributors. It’s the answer to all my health questions and I have it for breakfast and then again as a post-workout snack. It contains approx 220 calories, has 18g of protein and all my essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It’s everything your body physically requires in one ready to whip-up shake.


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