How To Make Any Trend Work For You & Your Style Personality

The last couple of months have seen some of the Fashion industry’s biggest events. Twice a year (February and September) designers from all over the world hit the runway with their collections for the upcoming seasons. This is everyone’s chance to see what you can expect as the biggest new trends. So with busy London Fashion Week finally coming to an end (hence why I’ve been away for a while… LFW is not for the faint hearted!!) I want to show you how you can make those catwalk trends work for you!

Now, not all of us necessarily have the bodies nor the style personality to carry off some of the outlandish outfits/trends that we see on the runways, but there are always hints and elements that we can use and translate into our wardrobes.

The key with making any trend work for you, is to make sure that:

a) It makes you feel confident

The bottom line is is that you want the trend to not only make you look great, but FEEL great too. Because nothing looks better than confidence. You may be able to appreciate a specific trend looking incredible on someone else, but it also serves you best if you can understand WHY it makes that person feel/look incredible and that’s genuinely because they’re confident in it. For example, if you’re really loving the slip on dress trend that is a huge this season, but you’re feeling like it’s not particularly age/body shape appropriate, opt for the types of fabrics in this trend. For example, the silk & lace details can be used as edging on a gorgeous top or scarf. There are so many aspects that go into a trend or a particular garment, so there’s always something you can pull from it.

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b) It suits your style personality (what you enjoy wearing)

If you prefer more understated, simplistic looks than diving into the bold, bright coloured trousers may be one step too far. Regardless of how good the colours may look on you, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to have too much attention drawn to them, it can actually make you feel more self conscious. Instead, opt for a bright coloured clutch or some gorgeous stripe detail on a skinny scarf instead. It’s all about taking little elements of a trend and making them fit into YOUR personality.

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c) Understanding the ‘why’

If a client approaches me with a trend they’d like to try out that doesn’t necessarily suit their body type, I always like to explain to them why it might not work. Understanding your body shape and why certain clothes can look the way they do, is the best skill you can acquire to always looking your best. For example, ruffles are huge this season but can be quite over-powering for a more top-heavy body shape. Instead, opt for smaller ruffle details on a skirt to balance out your proportions. If you’re loving the look of the off-the shoulder/cold-shoulder tops but don’t think you feel comfortable enough to bare your shoulders, choose feminine, fluid, draping tops instead. This trend is more about the aesthetic of the feminine, light fabrics and a boat neck-line top or dress will do the trick just as well.

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