Having The Courage To Invest In Yourself

“If no-one told me who I was, who would I be?” – Dr Wayne W Dyer

The most liberating but as equally terrifying realisation, is that we are completely in control of how our lives turn out.

It’s far too easy to pass the blame onto others, to become a victim of our circumstances or to quite simply quit because it seems too difficult. Having courage in any situation, whether that’s bungee jumping with a fear of heights, or taking a course in something we’ve always wanted to do but never felt good enough to do, requires determination and grit.

No-one is going to take that leap of faith for you. And in the same breathe, no one can hold you back from achieving anything in life unless you allow them. With freedom comes responsibility; the responsibility to no longer listen to the critics (including your inner critic) and just do whatever the hell you want.

1) Recognise the power you have right now, in your hands.

Through social conditioning we are taught to look to external circumstances as the source of power. That what happens outside of us and all around us, determines how we turn out. This couldn’t be further from the truth and stands as one of the most self-destructive thought processes to carry through life.

Most people are too busy looking outside of themselves for the answers that, if they invested in themselves and believed in their own power, would find glaringly obvious within them. Take the time to practise self-awareness. It’s a powerful process that will unlock all the possibilities with which you are inherently born.

P.s. For some extra help, I highly recommend the book Excuses Be Gone! By Dr Wayne W Dyer (one of the many books I have studied on this subject)

2) Turn all those negative critics into the fuel for your success.

Generally speaking, the viewpoints of other people regarding how you must live your life involve their own self-interest. By nature we are all selfish human beings and are only capable of viewing our worlds through our own eyes. Remember this the next time you allow someone to criticise you, or something you would like to do. The sooner we realise that the opinions of others are really none of our business, and that we have no right to control them, the better.

Due to my journey being incredibly different to the people around me, and that I bucked the traditional route of school, uni, 9-5 job, I’ve encountered a lot of criticism and cynicism. After allowing these opinions of how I was choosing to live my life drain me, I realised there had to be another way to shift how I responded to them. I wanted to be able to receive them and actually be able to use them for my success. So I taught myself to remember their opinions often reflect their own fears of being a failure and often had nothing to do with me. That every single person who ever doubted me, or refused to help me, made my will to succeed without them that much stronger.

3) Realise your guaranteed ROI (Return On Investment).

Unlike most other investments we can choose to make in life, the one we make with ourselves will ALWAYS produce a ROI. That’s because the relationship we nurture with ourselves and the belief that we encourage, has to produce positive results. It’s as simple as that.

When we step out of our own way, acknowledge the powerful, incredible person staring right back at us, the one we’re gifted with from birth, the one we die with, we allow our ultimate life goals to materialize.

“After acquiring inward treasure, you will find that outward supply is always forthcoming” – Srimati Kashi Moni

So whatever you feel is pulling at your heart strings, please please PLEASE just do it! Forget everything around you, and use that energy to focus on yourself. Become ‘selfish’, spend your time how YOU want to spend your time, and watch how life will work with you instead of against you.

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