5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating & Get S**t Done!


We’ve all been there. We’ve said yes to far too many things, our list of things to do is piling and all we want to do is have a long, luxurious nap. Am I right?

As your to-do list continues to grow, the tasks ahead seem more and more daunting. So in order to prevent ourselves from getting caught up in this vicious cycle, I’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you block out the distractions and stay on track.

1. Get clear on what it is you want to get done

To create and maintain daily motivation, you need to know what you’re striving for. Whether it’s a project, work assignment, or long-term goal, being clear on what it is that you’re aiming for helps give you direction, fuel your passion, and ensure your time is always well spent.

2. Chunk it down into small, doable steps/tasks

If the task at hand seems way too overwhelming, chunk it down into achievable steps that don’t seem as daunting. Take each one of your big goals/tasks and break it down into a few steps that you can take every day/week/month until you’ve achieved your goal. This technique can be applied to absolutely anything – including work assignments, for example, starting with research, then mind mapping individual topic headlines, data collection etc.

3. If you have lots of things, list them in accordance to their priority 

There’s no point starting with a task that’s of your least priority, only to end up not having enough time to do the big tasks properly. Ask yourself ‘what do I need to get done this week, that my future self will thank me for?’. Once you can list them down, you now have a plan of action, and a way of keeping you completely on track. Writing things down helps you to declutter your mind and leaves you with more clarity to focus on the job at hand.

4. Schedule your most important tasks for early on in the day

Try and get started with the important stuff first in the morning. Even if this means only checking your emails/responding to your social media channels a couple of hours later in the day. It’s the best time of day because you should be somewhat rested and energised. However, if you know you’re a night owl and perform best at night, flip this equation around (but still make sure to start with your most important jobs first at night time when you settle down to work).

5. Make sure to take a break to reflect and re-energize

It’s really important to honour the fact that you still need to take a break every now and again. Going 100 miles an hour all the time will leave you feeling frazzled, tired and not performing at your best. If you’re constantly running at full speed, you’ll become more stressed, anxious and the time it takes you to complete one task will be far less time-efficient, so you’re really not going yourself any favours.

Get outside, take a walk, clear some head space, meditate, take a nap – whatever you need to get you back in the zone, do it! Every task done well, no matter how small, only helps you get to your overall milestone… so take the time out to make sure you get there in the most efficient way possible!

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