5 Ways To Keep Fit & Stay Motivated During Winter

Unfortunately there is no escaping winter! It’s coming, if it hasn’t already arrived yet, and it can be incredibly tempting to hibernate and forego all healthy habits. There’s something about winter that makes us crave more carbs, skip gym & get into a but of a no-workout rut. But, as I like to remind myself and fellow clients ‘Summer bodies are made in the winter’.

Here are a few easy ways I like to keep myself on track with my health & wellness throughout the colder months. Give them a go yourself and let me know which ones you have the most success with!

1) Create more ways to incorporate walking during your day

Nowadays it’s very easy to become victim to a sedentary lifestyle, but with little tweaks here and there, you can change this. Living in areas that have a good public transport system makes this one slightly easier. Living in London (and similarly in Cape Town) I find myself doing a lot of walking every day. But if this isn’t the case for you and you drive everywhere, why not try parking a few blocks away from work, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Little shifts like this keep you up on your feet, your body moving and therefore calories burning.

2) Take your workout indoors with workout DVDs, YouTube etc.

I actually do 80% of my workouts at home. So it means come rain or shine, I can have an amazingly effective workout right from the comfort of my own home. You skip the cold walk to and back from the gym. You don’t have to care about what you look like, and you get to pick and choose what you focus on without anyone looking at you weirdly! Read my article on some of the best fitness bloggers on YouTube that are a good place to start for home workouts.

3) Get your swimming costumes out & try indoor swimming

What’s better than jumping into a warm, indoor heated pool? The fact that you know you also get to have one killer of a workout, that’s what! Swimming has a whole array of awesome health benefits, like being low-impact, and appropriate for all fitness levels. Its one of theist ways to keep in shape.

4) Try your hand at indoor sports

Discovering new hobbies and sports is such a confidence boost. Don’t be discouraged if you’re brand new to any of them. A lot of your fellow players at your local gym or health centre will also be amateurs just looking to keep fit and have fun. Who knows, by the time summer comes, you could have discovered you’re quite the badminton player!

5) Stay motivated by joining training classes

Up until I moved to London, training in classes was the ONLY way I kept fit. I have only ever been to the ‘gym’ once by myself and discovered it wasn’t for me. Taking part in fitnesses classes isn’t just a great way to meet new people, it also takes the thought and preparation out of your workouts. You can just turn up, psyched to be getting in a great workout that someone else has organised. Most gyms have a whole list of different types of classes that you can join, & you’ll soon find yourself dabbling in 3 or 4 different ones.

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