5 Ways To Help Find Your Passion In Life

It’s highly unusual to finish high school and know exactly what you want to do (AND have it continue to be what you want to do). When you turn 18, the world around you suddenly expects you to know exactly who you want to be, where you want to go, what you want to do & the type of impact you want to make on the world. But HELLO, you’ve only just mastered the washing machine.

As my little sister reaches this decision, I’m reminded of what it felt like to ask myself all of these terrifying questions. And it doesn’t really just stop there, people of all ages are still asking themselves the same questions hoping for that ‘Eureka’ moment!

But here are some practical ways that we can start to answer some of these questions, one at a time, to help understand what really makes us excited in life & how we can perhaps start thinking of a career path around it.

1) Don’t be disheartened by so called ‘failures’

You won’t ever meet a successful person who has never made mistakes. Often your biggest ‘mistakes’ will be your greatest lessons. You have to fail in order to tick things off your list that didn’t work. How else are you meant to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you and the lifestyle you want to create? So never be afraid to fail, to get things wrong, or to simply start something and realise it’s not for you. They’re all blessings and important sets of directions that keep you on your life path.

2) If something isn’t working, get out of there fast!

Like I mentioned above, never be afraid to start something only to realise you absolutely hate it. We’re often told by society that we have to get it right the first time, that if we don’t people will look at us badly. I’m sure you must have seen the video that went viral about millennials last week? He touched on the expectation that we place on ourselves to come out of university (if you even chose that path) and get the dream job first time… and it just doesn’t happen like that.

I remember grappling with this idea as I struggled job after job, hating work or feeling like this just wasn’t for me. It’s a really hard concept to grasp and can take a massive toll on your self-esteem. Until I realised that if I hadn’t have ticked those roles off the list, I would never have known they weren’t for me. And now I am able to look back and thank those tough experiences, because they lead me to finding something that I am passionate about and that I do enjoy.

3) Follow your curiosity… it’s often gut instincts.

I know plenty of people who went to university, studied something, only to have this inkling that they wanted to do something completely different. Those feelings of curiosity are often our gut instincts … these deep knowings that allow us to follow our true passions in life. No matter how strong that urge is, give it a go! Either way you’ll be able to say you tried it and loved it or hated it. Life is all about the journey, so don’t pressure yourself to make the right decision immediately. Do what feels right in the moment.

4) Make money your secondary concern

For me, this has been one of the most challenging concepts. Obviously I want to make a profitable income from my business, but my expectation to be making money immediately just isn’t very realistic & actually deterred me away from my path. When money becomes your primary concern, you’ll always limit yourself & be too afraid to take risks that could actually propel your business forward. If you allow yourself to follow your curiosity and your passion, you’ll find yourself in a position of power and eventually a position where you’re able to make money on your own terms. Rather focus on the effectiveness of your business and trust that the money will shortly follow.

5) Forget about what others may think. You’re doing this for you!

For anyone trying to figure out what they want to do in life, remember it’s YOUR life and nobody else’s. Of course you want those around you to be fighting your corner with you, and supporting every move that you make, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work like this. Often other people aren’t able to look past their own limitations in life, and therefore struggle to support your ‘go-getter’ attitude. Don’t ever let this deter you. Put your head down, work hard in silence and let your success be your noise.

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