5 Tips On How To Change Your Perspective

Dealing with life’s sudden changes and obstacles can be difficult at times, but they are inevitable. Your perspective and the way you view life, has a big influence on how life treats you. There’s a reason why positive people tend to create more success and happiness for themselves than pessimistic, negative people.

Being able to learn how to change the way you view a situation can take a lot of the heartache, pain or disappointment away, and allows you the clarity to see it in a new, and uplifting light.

Here are five little tips to help you change your perspective when faced with some of life’s adversities:

1) Identify the situation and what you’re feeling

You can’t help yourself until you know what it is that’s hurting you and why. Learn to take a few minutes out to fully examine the situation. Ask yourself, what has happened? What am I feeling? Why do i feel like this? Getting clear on the situation and the reasons, means you know exactly what you need to change.

Setting clear goals is the key to success in anything. When it comes to changing your attitude, self-examination is your powerful tool because it allows you to point out which traits or habits of thinking are working against you rather than for you. From there, you know what you need to change.

2) Find yourself a role model

Finding someone who already has the attributes that you would like to work towards, provides you with the motivation and inspiration to achieve them for yourself. For me, this was my mum. Throughout her terminal illness, and various life challenges, she never failed to look for the silver-lining, and day-in and day-out she taught me to do the same.

These people serve as reminders that if they can think like that, then you can too. Because sometimes our fear gets the best of us, and we need to be reminded that what we’re trying to accomplish can in fact be accomplished. Let that person’s temperament and way of life be a source of inspiration for you to work towards bettering yourself.

3) Think about the benefits of a new perspective on the situation

Motivation for a change in perspective comes from knowing the impact of how your change in attitude could enhance your life. Fix your mind on all the ways that your new way of thinking could enhance and change your situation for the better. There’s always a silver lining, your job is to find it, and remind yourself of all the positive outcomes that could come from it. Even this small shift can bring about immediate calming, and positive responses. I always try to look for the good in every situation as I know how much better I feel when I am able to shift my focus to something positive.

4) Be wise about the company you keep

They say you are a product of the five people you spend the most time with, so wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with incredible, uplifting people? It’s the easiest way of attracting incredible opportunities into your life because you’ll start to share their enthusiasm and positivity towards life. We all have that one person in our life that’s constantly up-beat, positive, up-lifting and you tend to always leave their company feeling happier and more content. That’s because energy is contagious and every single thing on this planet gives off a frequency. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people that give off the same type of energy you would like to have more of, and watch how your perspective on life can change.

5) Believe that you can change your attitude 

The final and most important step is having the belief in yourself that this change is possible. If you don’t believe it’s possible, it’ll be a lot harder for you to bring about the positive change you want in your life. Often the biggest obstacle between us and our goals, is the inability to trust that we can achieve them.

I’ve had many an obstacle and challenge in my short twenty-one years, and it’s taken me a long time of commitment and perseverance to change my perspective for the better. But now, I aim to be a source of inspiration for someone else to do the same, and you can be too. It starts with you, and ends with you… so what is it that you want to change?


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