5 Things To Remind Yourself When Pursuing Your Dreams

Going against the crowd to pursue a dream, is often an incredibly daunting and vulnerable process. However, it’s a process that will evolve you into a stronger, more self-aware and passionate person. If you haven’t heard of a woman called Brene Brown, then I suggest you quickly pause your reading & check out her video below on The Power of Vulnerability. It’s one of the most watched TED Talks in the world, and once you’ve watched it, you’ll know why.

Here are five things to remind yourself when starting off on your new, and exciting journey. I hope you’ll find some solace in them. Even if your dreams are still currently in the ‘thought’ stage, give yourself a little bit more credit for even being aware of that dream, and be your own biggest cheerleader. Who knows where it could take you đŸ™‚

1) It’s ok to be a learner

This one is probably the first hurdle you’ll face and one of the strongest feelings to shake. There’s something about uncertainty that scares us the most. The fear of being judged by those around you who are more experienced, who are older than you or have more degrees than you. But, how do you think they got to where they are now? They also started from the bottom and were once in the very same position as you. There’s nothing shameful about learning on the job, and to be honest, I actually think it’s the most beneficial and exhilarating way to live life.

Use those people around you who know what they’re doing, like mentors. They’re the blue print for your success. They’ve been there, tripped up and made mistakes that you can now avoid. Never be afraid of asking for help and absorbing the talent around you. Talk to people, network, learn from those who you admire and ultimately turn your learning process into a positive, uplifting one because you won’t feel like this forever.

2) Hold yourself accountable for your dream

This is something that I found particularly nerve-racking. It recently became time that I officially launched this business after working on it tirelessly for some time. However excited I was about this new venture, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with a sense of fear. When you put it out there for the world to see, you suddenly have friends, family, acquaintances and more, aware of your ambitions, which makes the thought of public failure a lot more real.

However, you have the choice to use this fear as your power. The fact that you have so many people watching, some of which hopefully rooting for you, makes the thought of not following through, nearly impossible. And that, is the best motivation you can use. So go on, hold yourself accountable, make your dreams known, and use that fear to propel you onto your next step!

3) Don’t be afraid to fail

Setbacks are always going to be a part of the process, and they’re some of the best learning tools for success. I remember completely putting my dream on hold shortly after enrolling in a business course. The stop-start process was exhausting and I was starting to lose faith in my own ability. I remember knowing deep down that the reason I was feeling so down all the time, was because I was no longer trying to fulfil my life purpose. Instead, I had allowed my vision to by clouded by fear, and that I should rather be doing something more conventional and safe. The minute I got back on track, I had a new found sense of enthusiasm and drive, and managed to catch up everything in a matter of weeks.

Setbacks are incredible ways of reminding yourself that you’re capable of getting through anything in life. Don’t be afraid of life’s ‘hiccups’ because they’re inevitable. Shift your focus and see them as the universe’s way of preparing you for ultimate success.

4) Everything happens for a reason

Anyone that knows me, knows this is my life mantra. How many times have you looked back on what seemed to be ‘un-lucky’ circumstances, only to think that you wouldn’t have it any other way, as it allowed you to grow as a person. We wouldn’t be the people we are today without the tough times in life, and I’m a firm believer that they’re there to put us on our own paths to a more fulfilling life. Regardless of what happens during your journey, it’s going to be an amazing one. Invest in yourself, invest in your dreams and you’ll probably end up wishing you’d started sooner!


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