5 Of My Favourite Winter Looks From This Week

Inspiration for any stylist is crucial. It acts as a springboard to allow all those creative juices to flow and helps evolve your style ideas that you use on yourself and clients. I love living in a world where we have platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc which allows women from all across the world to inspire each other regardless of their field.

With Fashion Week fast approaching, a time in London where even the most plain Jane’s transform into walking pieces of art down the streets of SoHo, I decided to do a roundup of some of my favourite looks from this past week. I’ve found them on Instagram accounts which I follow and some of my favourite blogs (so that they can quickly become some of your favourite blogs too). Remember, inspiration is all around us, all you have to do is tune into what it is that really makes you feel inspired, empowered and unstoppable!

1) London fashion graduate/blogger Monikh Dale – Tres Monikh 


You HAVE to click through to her blog (link above) to check out this outfit in more detail. These denim jeans with the side stripes from Stylebop are on my wish list.

2) Haley Boyd – founder and Creative Director of the gorgeous shoe brand Marais


This look reminds me of a Marilyn Monroe look. The epitome of effortless class and grace.

3) Fashion Blogger Masha Sedgwick


Everyone should know by now that I’m a sucker for a gorgeous, fluffy, faux-fur coat. Also love the mix of the wet-leather pants, fishnets & of course an awesome logo tee.

4) Jessica Wang Fashion Blogger – Not Jess Fashion


The vintage vibe of the mixed denim paired with that to-die-for coat

5) Blair Eadie fashion merchandiser & style influencer – Atlantic-Pacific


Absolutely IN LOVE with all the details of this outfit and the mix of stripes! It just goes to show that you can mix different forms of print and still create a cohesive look.

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