5 Easy Style Hacks That Cost You Nothing!

Looking and feeling good ultimately comes down to having an understanding of how to style your clothes. If you have a few cheeky tricks in your tool kit, you’ll been your way to creating outfits that make you feel like you can take on the world! Here are just a few that I use with my personal styling clients, and the best part is they won’t cost you a penny!

1) If unsure, belt it!

This little trick is one of my favourites. You can instantly transform oversized shirts, knits,  jackets into pieces that highlight and frame your figure. By pinching you in at the waist, you create a gorgeous hourglass shape and is a perfect way to polish off any seemingly casual outfit.

2) Cuffing the bottom of your trousers/jeans/pants

Rolling up the bottom of your trousers, especially when wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes that just beg to be shown off, is like having a free tailoring session in the comfort of your own home. This ‘un-done’, relaxed look is bang on trend right now! Play around between single rolls (best when wearing slightly stiffer straight leg pants) and double rolls (perfect for looser, baggier jeans).

3) Use button up blouses as open cardigans

This is a trick that many of my clients have particularly enjoyed. Got lots of button up shirts of all prints, shapes, colours and not sure what to do with them? Wear them with a camisole, t-shirt or even something slightly more structured like a tunic, and pop the open blouse/shirt over the top. Not only is it very streamlining (a.k.a flattering!) as your eye will follow the vertical lines down the length of your torso making it extremely slimming, it also means you get double out of your wardrobe. Accessories with a gorgeous necklace and roll up the sleeves for a casual, relaxed look.

4) Rolling up sleeves

As mentioned above, another great trick is to roll up the sleeves of blouses, jackets and even light coats. If a button down shirt feels too stiff or restricting, roll up the sleeves for an easy, nonchalant vibe. It’s the perfect twist on a classic shirt.

5) Knot your shirts

Not a fan of wearing belts? No worries, knotting your shirt at the front right in the middle is another easy way of showing off your waistline without feeling constricted by a belt. It’s more of a fun, playful approach, it’s super comfy, and can look great mixed with some of the above techniques.


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