5 Denims To Embrace Instead of Your Skinny Jeans

Ah denim… every girls’ wardrobe essential. We all thought our skinny jeans were going to be our partners for life, but as with most fashion, we’ve seen a massive shift. We’re now moving away from figure-hugging, tight silhouettes to looser, more elegant shapes.

Of course, as I always say, only embrace a trend if it’s something that makes you feel and look great. It’s all about feeling more comfortable in the clothes you wear and ultimately feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

So on that note, here are 5 types of denim that you can easily swap out for your skinnies:

1) Vintage denim

Vintage jeans allow you to strike the balance between old and new, and when done correctly are incredible high fashion. Plus, thrift shopping is both exciting and saves you lots of pennies. Keep the rest of  your outfit relatively simple with a fun tee, or casual jacket and allow your jeans to be the statement piece.


2) Customised denim

This one allows your fave pair of jeans to be reinvented time and time again. Whether it’s torn, embroidered, worn out, crumpled, hand painted, or cracked, have fun and let out your inner creative out. Alternatively, head across to the high street equivalents like Topshop and River Island.


3) Flare denim

Possibly one of my favourites as it embraces the slim fit of the skinny jeans on your upper legs, and the fun kick-out flare seen in the nineties. You can choose between a slightly cropped cut which you can pair with some gorgeous, statement boots or alternatively full-length denims for an elongating look of the legs. Hello supermodel pins!


4) Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jeans have really been gaining some traction in the fashion market for the past 18 months. They’re typically straight leg cut, stiffer denim with a loose fit. Cuf them at the bottom and pair with a more fitting top to create the right balance. For a more formal/evening look, pair with a tailored blazer and some beautiful loafers.


5) Mom jeans

We love a good mom jean for its’ flattering nipped-in high waist, tapering leg and cropped ankle. Wear with a more tailored top to show off the nipped-in waistline, and pair of sneakers or heels depending on occasion. You’ve now turned your jeans that you were probably about to throw away, into pure high fashion! How simple was that?


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