5 Confidence-Boosting Statement Pieces And Where To Buy Them

Let your wardrobe do the talking for you, by filling it with a few key pieces to really let the world know you mean business. This is a skill that I’ve mastered, and almost always use as a weapon in my tool kit for days when perhaps I’m feeling a little more anxious, quiet, nervous than usual.

This technique can be applied to any area of your life whether that be to help conquer those first date nerves, the interview for your dream job, or any social setting that makes you feel a little overwhelmed.

Here are 5 key, statement pieces that I check for in all of my clients’ wardrobes and how to style each piece for different body shapes & styles.

1) A leather jacket

You genuinely can’t go wrong with a well-made leather jacket and you can pick a color/texture to suit any skin tone and personal style. For example, for lighter skin tones or for those who don’t really like wearing black, you could opt for a gorgeous brown/beige/or a burnt orange color. For darker skin tones you can opt for really intense, gorgeous colours including the classic black. Or for those looking for something a little different try a colored jacket like mint green, powder blue, dusty pink etc. It is a great piece to transition your day-time look to after work drinks.


I really love this bottle green leather jacket from Zara £59.99

2) A wrap dress

I love a good wrap dress simply because there’s one out there for every single body shape. It is such a flattering piece because it creates the hourglass figure (the body type that as stylists, we try and recreate with all clients, as it’s the most flattering shape) by synching you in at the waist. Choose a beautiful print/pattern if you’re nervous about it revealing any lumps and bumps, and pick a length that makes you feel most comfortable in.


Gorgeous back & white printed wrap dress from H&M £17.99

3) A pair of well-fitting, comfy, body-confident jeans

Every woman needs at least one pair of jeans that makes her LOVE her gorgeous legs & bum the minute she puts them on. Now the style will obviously vary for each individual, but all that matters is that you feel good in them. I’d say it’s a good idea to have at least two different styles of jeans like, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans, high-waisted jeans, flare jeans etc. The key to any beautiful jean is good fit, comfort and a great quality denim that’s going to hold you in all the right places.


Uniqlo’s high rise smart shape jeans are perfect for something a little smarter £34.90

4) A crisp, white shirt

I love a good white shirt and have many different types in my closet from the oversized white shirt to the slightly cropped, short sleeve one. They’re perfect for creating an effortlessly cool outfit and can be paired with jeans, tailored trousers, and skirts. Make sure yours is good quality ( I prefer a high cotton content with a small amount of elastin so that it’s soft yet doesn’t crease as much as 100% cotton would). It’s also important to keep it beautifully crisp & white, so when washing, chuck in a scoop of Vanish!


LOVE this slightly different take on a white shirt with the zip details, pockets for a more androgynous, minimalistic look . Mango now £15.99 from £59.99

5) A statement bag/clutch

Accessories have the power to change up any outfit instantly. As women, we probably don’t leave the house without a bag, and if you’re like me, you probably have too much stuff in your bag and are always having to clean it out. That’s where getting yourself a really cute, fun bag comes in. It’s small/big enough to fit all your essentials, yet it’s another eye-catching aspect to your outfit. It can be a small clutch bag, a  fun cross bag, or even a coloured/patterned over the shoulder bag. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it enough that you can already see yourself wearing it with quite a few things in your wardrobe.


Limited edition Floral & stud drawstring duffel bag from River Island £35

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