3 Ways to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Work For Winter

Listen, I am never one to miss out on an excuse to go shopping. But when it comes to transitioning from my summer wardrobe to my winter wardrobe, there are key pieces that I already own which I like to be able to use in the new season. With just a few useful tips and tricks you can absolutely do this too and create some incredible, new outfits without spending anything!

1) Layer, layer layer!

First things first… layering! This is probably one of my favourite techniques which I swear by during winter. Whether it’s layering a turtleneck/long sleeve shirt underneath my favourite dress/dungarees, or layering a chunky knit over a dress to turn it into a skirt -sweater combo. Layering also enables you to dress warmly without over-heating the minute you get indoors. Play around with layering structured jackets over tops, chunky knits and long shirts, maxi skirts and warm jumpers… the lists is endless.


2) Opaque leggings / long boots with cut offs.

Have a favourite pair of shorts, or denim cut offs which you want to wear during the colder months? Then invest in some opaque leggings whether they’re black, dark blue or even patterned. I’ve seen a huge shift in trend with leggings and people are opting for fun printed tights like polka dots, velvet, pleather, striped etc. Check out Calzedonia for some awesome tights and socks! Long, over the knee boots are also a massive trend right now and are perfect for pairing with long shirt dresses. Throw on a leather jacket or a warm cardigan and voila.


3) Stick to slightly darker colours for winter.

Colours during specific seasons also change with a shift from slightly brighter, lighter hues to darker more intense colours with splashes of soft earthy tones. So it’s a lot easier to transition your summer pieces which are slightly darker or neutral in colour (this also tends to make layering lots of clothes from the same palette easier). Tonal colours also work really well for layering in winter (tonal colours mean they’re from the same colour family but just slightly different hues)



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