3 Ways An Organised Closet Can Create An Organised Life!

Let’s be honest, for the majority of us, cleaning isn’t our most favourable past-time. However, once done, it generally always brings about a sense of clarity and accomplishment. Deciding what to wear is part of everyone’s daily routine and also happens to be a fairly important one, regardless of how much you like/dislike dressing… you still need to get dressed.

I like to compare an organised closet to an organised mind. When you wake up with a clear mind and a concise agenda for the day, you tend to get a lot more accomplished. The same goes for your wardrobe and here’s why:

1)  It saves you valuable time; time which you are then able to dedicate to yourself!

Saving time on daily tasks means that you’re able to spend your time more wisely. For example, time spent on yourself is often something that we immediately think we don’t have time to do… But to be honest it’s always about priorities. Look at cleaning your closet/spending money to have someone help you do it, as an act of self-care. You’re creating efficiency in your daily schedule which will leave you with extra time to treat yourself, pamper yourself, read a book, or any activity that you find most relaxing and liberating.  Create time for YOU!

2) You’ll be getting the most out of your clothing and therefore saving yourself money.

How annoying is it when you discover a top/pair of trousers that you completely forgot you had and now you have too many of the same item and not enough of others? I’ll answer that for you, it’s incredibly frustrating! You get the most out of your clothing when your wardrobe is concise and organised. By de-cluttering, you have the chance to get rid of items that you no longer wear, never have done, or simply don’t like. You’ll have a wardrobe full of clothes you love, which will hopefully create a sense of excitement towards dressing again. Now that you understand what’s in your wardrobe, you can compile a concise list of ‘shopping essentials’ so that you’re no longer over-spending on things you don’t need, but simply filling in the gaps.

3) A tidy closet = A tidy room = A happy, more efficient YOU!

In essence, a wardrobe cleanse allows you to keep only the things that you love, and by building on this method you should end up with a personal space filled with only things that you love. It’s really important to create a safe and sacred space for yourself, as we all need down time every so often to regenerate. There’s a direct correlation between the way we think and the cleanliness of our surroundings. Don’t let the discomfort of cleaning up your space affect your mental ability and therefore your productivity. Instead, make yourself a priority and treat your space as the mechanism you need for a healthier, happier and more successful YOU!


If a wardrobe edit is something that you’d really like to have done now that you’ve read some of the incredible benefits, you can contact me here and we can get your closet back on track, together! 

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