3 Small Moves To Help You Reach Your Body Goals

We all have specific goals we’d like to achieve in life, including our health. Committing to a healthy way of life is exactly that… a commitment. And with that comes continual practise, perseverance & a healthy dose of self-love and determination. But with anything that requires great change comes great patience, and remembering you won’t get there over night if it’s something you want to commit to healthily forever. This is the main reason why most ‘diets’ don’t work. There is no quick fix when you’re changing your lifestyle habits. Think about how long you’ve been doing the things you do now to get to the lifestyle you’re at. It took time and lots and lots of practise.

So here are three mini tweaks you can incorporate into your days to help you stay on the ‘lean’ and healthy track 😉

1) Learn that ‘no’ means no

Learning to develop more self-control in life is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s a habit you can use in almost all areas of your life. A friend once told me, just because you dropped your phone once doesn’t mean you suddenly think ‘oh what the heck, let me chuck it across the room and break it some more.’ The same can be applied to when we give into that tempting carrot cake or packet of chips. We’re bound to cheat every now and again, but having one slice of cake is very different from eating THE WHOLE cake.

Instead, acknowledge the fact that you’ve made a little mistake, enjoy the moment & be proud of yourself for not throwing yourself into a binge feast. Remember, take it one meal at a time. You’ll get there!

2) You don’t have to go it alone

Working out and staying healthy with someone else is scientifically proven to increase your chances for success. You both motivate, and inspire each other to push on even through the hard times. Because you’re now suddenly accountable for your commitment and effort, you’re less likely to miss that gym session with your buddy! And what’s more fun than getting into shape with someone who you love spending time with?

3) Embrace where you are now and stand tall

Just because you have a goal you’d like to reach, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fully appreciate and be proud of where you are now. The key to any healthy change is the recognition of your starting point and the courage it’s taken to make a change.

So stand tall because great posture tells everyone around you that you’re confident, and when you feel confident, you start to believe you’re capable of making these changes and that’s where the real magic happens.


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