3 Game-Changing Tweaks To Make When You Go Shopping

Shopping trips, whether for a small or large list of things can either be a complete success or a dismal fail. And that’s normally down to one thing: planning. Many women tend to dread the thought of shopping because it’s been unsuccessful in the past. Thoughts like “I hate spending money and then wasting it on clothes I never wear” or “I just never know what to buy”, “It always looks great on the hanger and then I try it on at home and hate it” are more common than you think and can be solved relatively easily!

All great stylists know that the key to any shopping trip, whether it be for a shoot or a client, is concise and strategic planning. So I’ve compiled three little shifts you can make to your pre-shop game plan thats going to help you walk away with everything that you’re looking for.

1) Do your research

Before any shopping consultation with a client, I always do my research. It’s important to really know what you like, what/where your favourite brands are, their price ranges, and their current stock. Luckily for us, all of this info is online. So before you do any form of a clothing shop, get online and research if they have what you’re looking for and in your sizes, the styles those particular brands sell and whether they suit your body shape and personal style. This way you know exactly what you’re walking into and you’re fully prepared.

2) Get help with your wardrobe detox!

Now, you might be saying that you don’t know what suits your body shape or colors. You might not even know how to really define your personal style and therefore what brands work best for you, and that’s ok! But that’s where getting professional help can be the missing piece to your puzzle. A wardrobe consultation will help you detox of old clothes that are doing nothing for you and just taking up space in your closet. Your stylist will guide you through the process of defining your personal style and what suits your body shape and colors, so that you are then able to dress yourself confidently moving forward. You’ll be a lot more confident knowing exactly what you need to fill the current gaps in your closet with and why, and never fear shopping again because there really is no need to stress yourself out about looking your best.

3) ALWAYS try things on in store.

This has got to be the most common and THE biggest mistake to make! Clothing looks so different on a hanger compared to on our bodies, so if you want to really make sure every one of your purchases is a great one, you need to try it on in store. I know the line of the changing rooms may look long, but I promise it’ll save you much disappointment when you get this exciting piece home only to find it looks dreadful. So try it on and ask yourself how does it feel? What does it look like? How do I feel in this? Does it suit me? Are the colors right for my skin tone? Am I going to wear it a lot? Does it go with pieces I already own in my closet? All of these important questions help you decipher if it’s a good or bad purchase for you!

To avoid long queues for the changing rooms try shopping during off-peak hours like in the mornings or during the week, if you can. Some stores even have ‘Personal Shopping’ services where you can have a stylist put you in outfits they think best suit you. Stores like Topshop, Debenhams, H&M, John Lewis, Reiss and Dorothy Perkins are a few options you can try.

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