3 Fun but Effective Ways To Stay Fit At Home

Keeping fit both mentally and physically is part of the winning recipe for an overall balanced life. However, working out isn’t always on the top of everyone’s priority list.  Sometimes the thought of having to add something else to your already hectic day can be a little bit daunting. But the benefits of fitting in even 20 minutes a day has the power to completely change your life.

YouTube is one of my favourite ways of squeezing in daily workouts depending on my needs. Some days you can do a full hour workout, and other days you can do even just a 10 minute workout – it really is up to you. The main thing is is that you’re doing something, because trust me when I say that you’ll always feel super proud of yourself after finishing a workout. Here are some of my favourite go-to’s for you to try out:

1) Blogilates

Pilates is an incredible way of toning up, building core strength, increasing flexibility and improving posture, as well as reducing stress and tension. The art of pilates focuses on the core and therefore creates a stronger more united body of muscles. I love the Blogilates channel because you can choose from different lengths of videos (some being as quick as 3 minutes… but don’t be fooled, they’re still intense). You can also do it using just your body weight, so this one is ideal if you don’t have any weights/apparatus at home. Cassey Ho, Founder of Blogilates, also features some really awesome 30 day challenges to help you keep motivated. Try fitting in some of her workouts at least three times a week.

2) Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender has amazing HIIT workouts and I can always rely on them for an awesome fat-burning workout. Again, their videos vary in length so you can always find something to fit into your schedule. They also have a nice mix of videos that require weights, for those of you who want an extra push in your workouts, and those that don’t require weights for a slightly gentler, but still just as effective workout.

3) BeFit

BeFit is your classic at-home workout channel… think Insanity, and other high energy, high impact workout DVDs. This one is a great one to mix in to your routine for a really intense, but fun calorie-burning workout to suit everyone. They also boast a great bunch of top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Scott Herman, Kym Johnson so you can always count on having a thorough workout every single time.

So now you’re feeling motivated, remember:

Change your perspective on working out

Taking time to look after your body goes back to your need to take care of yourself. Keeping fit and active is a form of self-care, and should be an integral part of your daily routine. If you spend as much time and energy looking after your body as you do performing well at work, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you could see a change. Remember that our bodies are the fundamental vessels which enable us to achieve things in life, so don’t take them for granted. Instead, celebrate your health and count yourself lucky for being able to do the things that you can.

Find yourself a workout buddy

Staying motivated to keep fit is made so much easier when you have someone else with you. You can both push and encourage each other to stick to your fitness paths, and you’ll always have a friendly face for moral support on those tougher days. Nothing beats getting into the best shape of your life and sharing that journey with someone special.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day

Starting a new habit is a constant mix of good days and bad days. Research suggests that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to turn that into a lifestyle, so be gentle with yourself. If you fall at the fist hurdle, pick yourself up and try again. Things worth creating in our lives often take longer than we would like, but thats what makes it all the more worthwhile once you achieve them. Believe in yourself, and you’re already half way there!

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