3 Little Ways to Start Living Your Dream

Everything we do, helps mould and shape the journey of our lives. I always like to visualise it like a path, the small steps now, whether that be a little shift to the left or right, may not seem like much now but they will completely change the course of my journey later on.

The best thing about our journeys is that they’re completely unique to us and mostly in our control. If you don’t like something, you can change it. If you want to create more of something, you can take the small steps to attract more of that. I truly believe that when we know what it is we want, and BELIEVE we are worthy of being/having it, the universe always helps us to achieve it.

And there are little things that we can do day-to-day that can help us open up to the magic of the universe, and prepare ourselves for that next step up. So here are 3 small habits/shifts we can make to start creating and living that dream of yours:

  1. Utilise the power of your mind

The power of belief is where it all begins. Anything we want in life, first starts in our mind and our ability to believe it could actually happen. Our imagination is an exciting and magical place to start creating what it is that we want. Try making a little visualisation board for yourself, filled with inspiring words of how you want to feel/ be seen, your career goals, dream house, ideal lifestyle, absolutely everything. Get crystal clear on how that looks and feels to you and put it all together in a board or even a mini movie (p.s. new article coming soon on how you can create you own visualisation board). It’s like the blueprint for your success, and helps you stay motivated, inspired and focused on where you’re heading!

  1. Be a small fish in a big pond more often

Fear is one of the biggest things that holds us back in life. Fear that we’re not good enough, that we’ll be judged, and that we’ll embarrass ourselves. And that’s exactly why we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, into something I like to call our ’stretch zone’ and do things that challenge these limiting beliefs. Get used to being a small fish in a big pond. Say yes to more things and challenge yourself to be a beginner. When we test our weaknesses, and expand on what we already know, we grow. It’s an incredibly liberating feeling to throw yourself into the deep end, challenge yourself and know that that little niggling feeling saying you ‘can’t do it’ was just a feeling… never a fact.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Of course, all these types of things that push us out of familiarity can be scary. However, there are thousands of people out there who have done the specific thing that scares you the most, and therefore can act as proof that it’s possible. So never be afraid to ask for help. We’re all connected in some way or another, and creating an uplifting, powerful community is just one small way of helping yourself and others to go out there and reach the un-reachable. We live in a world where we’re more connected than ever so take advantage! Reach out on social media, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook message, leave a comment, whatever it takes. Ask friends, family and colleagues. The universe will help you manifest exactly the right people for your journey, you just have to ask.

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