My name is Megan (feel free to call me Megs) and I am a personal stylist & wellness coach based in London.

From a very young age, I’ve always been intrigued by self-help books. I would devour them at all costs (I picked up my first one at the ripe old age of 14) and started to use them to develop my own sense of confidence, style and health. I was always the person my friends (even complete strangers) would open up to and come to for advice and I absolutely loved it! As a fellow empath, I have this innate ability to sense others emotions, thoughts and fears and KNEW I could help others to not only believe in themselves, but believe that they were capable and worthy of becoming the best versions of themselves.

I have worked in the fashion and beauty industry for many years and was previously the Beauty Assistant for CosmopolitanSA magazine where I developed my love for writing and helping women look and feel amazing through sharing valuable content, tips, tricks and products. However, this still wasn’t enough for me and I knew I needed more one-to-one, and personal connections with my readers/clients.

Whilst styling, beauty, health and fitness have always been passions of mine, I felt increasingly frustrated that the link between self-confidence, style, mindfulness and health to create a more confident, powerful woman was being missed.Why was no-one incorporating all of these magical aspects together into a pretty but DAMN powerful package??  I knew how much it had helped me get through some really dark times and I wanted … NEEDED to share it with others.

Time and time again, women would come to me with the same fears.

“I never feel good enough”

“I wish I had more confidence in myself”

“I want to feel better about my body but I don’t know where to start”

“I’m too scared to go against the crowd and do my own thing because I don’t want to be judged”

“I have little/no clue about how to dress for my body shape and it’s affecting my self-confidence” 

That’s when I knew I could create a life-changing service where women could feel empowered in all aspects of their lives by utilising the power of dressing confidently, living healthily and implementing life-changing mindsets and techniques. Combining a personal stylist, life coach and nutritionist/personal trainer all into one!

Today, I create bespoke personal styling consultations, both online and face-to-face, that focus on empowering women through style, wellness and mindfulness techniques by harnessing genuine self-esteem & enabling them to believe, and therefore achieve, a life they are most passionate about. I want to redefine the way people look at their lives and what they ‘think’ they’re able to achieve. To pave a new form of personal styling where fashion and well-being are fundamental skills every woman is able to utilise.

How it works:

All you have to do is book yourself into a FREE, non-obligatory discovery session (link on the right hand side) and we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve, and how best to incorporate it into your lifestyle so that it’s a stress-free, fun yet effective process!

But Megan, what happens if I don’t live in the UK?

No stress lovely! I also offer online coaching to clients all over the world.  You can contact me here to book your free discovery call / chat to me about what you’re looking for and we can talk about the various options available.

I can appreciate how intimidating it may seem to take that initial step, but I can promise you that from our very first consultation, you will feel 100% at ease. My consultations are warm, friendly and most importantly fun, and will be a process we take together. BUT, If you fancy a bit of a teaser as to what types of things you can expect, download my FREE Ebook ’10 Steps To Create A More Empowered And Confident Self’ and sign up to be a valued, awesome member of our #LifeStyle4U community!

Hopefully chat to you soon

Love, Megs xx