My name is Megan (feel free to call me Megs) and I am a personal stylist & wellness coach based in London.

As an ambitious 18 year old high school graduate, I felt that I was destined for a different path in life, other than going to university & getting a 9-5 job. I felt stuck, lost and insecure as I watched my peers descend down a path I knew wasn’t for me.

I instead took a gap year and scored myself incredible jobs working with reputable fashion magazines and stylists across the world, but still felt like I was missing something. I couldn’t quite find the passion nor the drive in me, to build what seemed like someone else’s career instead of mine. I knew that there had to be a better way to create a life I was in love with.

Whilst fashion and styling has always been a passion of mine, during my time with these powerful brands, I felt increasingly frustrated that fashion was sold superficially, and that the link between self-confidence & style to create a more confident, powerful woman was being missed.

I knew that the experiences I’d lived through at a young age, including losing my mum at 21 to cancer, and going against the seemingly ‘expected’ life/career path would enable me to connect with other women who found themselves at similar crossroads in life. I knew I could create a service where women could feel empowered in all aspects of their lives, by utilising the power of dressing confidently paired with life-changing mindsets and techniques.

I graduated from The London College of Style, the leading educator in London for Personal & Fashion Styling, with a distinction. Today, I create bespoke personal styling consultations, that focus on empowering women through style, wellness and mindfulness techniques by harnessing genuine self-esteem & enabling them to believe, and therefore achieve, a life they are most passionate about. I want to redefine the way people look at their lives and what they ‘think’ they’re able to achieve. To pave a new form of personal styling where fashion and well-being are fundamental skills every woman is able to utilise.

How it works:

Step one: You can contact me here to send me your enquiry. Once received, you will be sent a ‘Welcome Questionnaire’ to fill out so that I can gain a little bit more insight into where you are currently, and how best I can help you going forward.

Step two:  We will then book a free discovery session (either over the phone or in person) to assess if this is something that you feel is right for you, and will give you the space to voice any concerns/questions you may have.

Step three: We discuss a time and date that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Step three: Your wardrobe consultation from the comfort of your own home, which normally takes no longer than 3-4 hours depending on your needs.

Step four: Your personal shopping consultation for half a day as any longer than this is generally too much (plus your feet are probably getting a little sore by now). However, if you require additional time, we’ll organise this.

I can appreciate how intimidating it may seem to take that initial step, but I can promise you that from our very first consultation, you will feel 100% at ease. My consultations are warm, friendly and most importantly fun, and will be a process we take together.