3 Ways To Integrate Workout Wear Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

There’s no denying the rise in popularity of active wear, so much so that it’s even become seasonal. A few seasons ago we had lots of meshing, now it’s more towards prints and panelling. And who can blame designers for jumping onto the ‘athleisure’ bandwagon with many top brands now having their own line of active wear. The best part about this trend is that if you go to gym, yoga, spinning classes etc. you’ve already got the basics to be able to style them for your everyday wardrobe.

Here are just a few tips to remember:

1) Be selective and mix function with fashion

The material of your choice of workout wear is really important. First and foremost its got to be made out of performance material. Because then it’s not-see through, it’s quick drying, odor-resistant and sweat wicking so that you don’t turn up smelling with nasty sweat stains to lunch.Β The other great thing about wearing active wear is that due to the functionality of its’ design, it’s going to hold you in all the right places, disguise cellulite and banish muffin tops. What more could you need?


2) Accessorise to transform your look

The best way to easily transform your active wear to casual wear is accessories. So you could throw on a comfy tee, black leather jacket, and a pair of sunnies with your yoga pants. Or throw on a light-weight casual jacket, cardigan, jersey over your favourite cropped leggings. Even your beloved sports bra which holds you up like a best friend, can be layered under a loose scooped tee, or a sheer top.. Layering is key with this trend and you have so many options when it comes to outfit creations.


3) When in doubt, stick to neutral colours

I would suggest that if this is something new to you and you’re still feeling your way through this look, then start off with your neutral colors like black, grey, cream etc. No point in running before you can walk and the most important thing with every trend is that you feel comfortable and therefore confident. Even if that means you just start by incorporating your trainers into your causal wardrobe, and when you feel slightly more adventurous, you can then play with mixing in a print or color somewhere. Just Have fun with it!


Bonus: Don’t forget about your track pants.

Track pants are everywhere right now and aren’t just comfortable, they’re also super on trend! Mix with heels for a glamorous take, or with a knit and accessories.

Love these side stripe slouchy trousers from ME + EM in Navy Blue Β£149


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